Integrating Blockchains and Real World

FuturesChain is a blockchain bringing together EVM support,
cross-chain transaction, and off-chain oracles.

What is FuturesChain

An advanced blockchain that embraces real-world data

Blockchains provide immutable storage and verifiable computations to enable machines to execute financial commitments. FuturesChain has been serving large and diversified FuturesCash users, and is going to take it one step further.

By integrating oracles and web2 technologies, FuturesChain is incubating more and more use cases beyond DeFi, and enabling smart contracts to leverage data from real-world events, such as marketplaces, sports, weather and a growing number of others.

How does it work

Make oracle protocols native on EVM-compatible public blockchain

  • Proof of Stake consensus mechanism with delegation, enabling low energy consumption, efficient blocking, and low gas fees.
  • EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible, enabling rapid access to a variety products of DeFi, GameFi, NFTs and much much more.
  • Oracles embedded, granting smart contracts the access to reliable data without any central authority or points of failure.
  • Light wallet supported, convenient for users to operate on mobile devices.
Why it matters

Awesome Applications

Contract Settlement Automation

Based on random events in the real world, on-chain betting becomes a reality.

Commodity-Backed Non-Fungible Token

When NFTs are linked to physical commodities, e-commerce will be transformed.

Gamification and SocialFi

Both real-life behaviors, in-game goods, and social apps can be turbal-charged with exceptional incentives.

Collateralized Stablecoin

When collateralized with real-world, crypto currency becomes more stable, practical and secure in value.

What's the roadmaps


July 2020

Pi Futures on Ethereum

September 2020

Mobile Mining Simulator

June 2021

FuturesCash Wallet App

December 2021

Migration to BNB Chain

June 2022

FuturesChain & FCC on BNB Chain

September 2023


March 2024

Mainnet, FCC on FuturesChain


FuturesChain Coin

  • Symbol: FCC
  • Blockchain: BNB Chain
  • Type: BEP-20
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 FCC
  • Smart Contract: 0x44307B23Ea82ff84d9EF5a03f71EC133dbeA04e1

The current FCC on BNB Chain is a transitional token bridging the value between the previous Pi Futures and the eventual FCC on FuturesChain mainnet.

The token mapping process will be achieved seamlessly in FuturesCash wallet with the assistance of smart contracts.

Earn Trace Trade

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the new FCC free to earn?

Yes, the mobile mining compaign continues in FuturesCash Wallet. New users will receive a virtual miner for free, and will receive FCC rewards every day.
After the mainnet deployment, the mobile mining campaign will stop, but people can still earn block rewards by staking FCC. Details will be released in a technical white paper.

Is FCC tradeable?

Yes, FCC is a safe and standard BEP-20 token, which is fully transferable and tradable. A trading pool will be maintained on PancakeSwap, so people can buy or sell FCC at will.

What is the usage of FCC?

FCC will serve as the native token or utility token on FuturesChain mainnet, similar to the role of ETH on Ethereum or BNB on BNB Chain.
FCC will be circulated within FuturesCash until the mainnet deployment is complete. It is expected that it can be used to pay part of the handling fees in the wallet.

How does FCC relate to Pi Futures?

FCC is the successor of Pi Futures.
The team's vision is to develop the next generation of blockchain technology. But the existing framework can no longer meet the needs of our increasing apps developers. So FuturesChain chose a more open and more ambitious path to grow.

How does FCC relate to FuturesCash Token (FCT)?

FCT is the governance token, or equity token, of the FuturesCash wallet ecosystem, while FCC is the native token, or gas token, of a blockchain. Though both are initiated by Futures Foundation, the productions, usages and tokenomics are widely different.

Why use BNB Chain for transition before the mainnet of FuturesChain is complete?

First, it is necessary to scale up the original mobile mining system of Pi Futures, so that a large group of miners can migrate and continue to benefit from projects on the new FuturesChain.
Second, it is necessary to have a group of FCC holders to jumpstart PoS consensus mechanism, and vote out the first batch of nodes for the new FuturesChains mainnet.

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